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Miri Piri Group is a unique and leading manufacturer and supplier of Pergola. Its quality delivery of pergola keeps it visible and seen among clients. As per industry standard, we deal in all standard designs and patterns in pergola, on insistence of our clients we also deliver 100% customized pergola.

We have a wide range of pergola options to choose among so that it can fit to your outdoor and indoor. If you like authentic and classic look, you can go for wood pergola or Tuscany pergola and if you like fusion of style to your surroundings, choose Wooden and Mild Steel  pergolas and so on.

Our pergola products are very affordable and with perfect finishing touch. You can add plus points to your outdoor visualibility and enjoy gathering with your dear and near ones below it. Long lasting durability, requirement of low maintenance and perfect outlook pergola will give a  you a full satisfaction with us. No need to think now about your budget or contact hours, you can contact us anytime to get your customized pergola in your pocket price.


Cantilever Metal Pergola

To create space at your backyard or garden, pergola is the option and if it is Cantilever Metal pergola it is the perfect option. We are a leading manufacturer of Cantilever pergola and stand at top with our quality cantilever pergola.

We have a team of experienced architects who are able to design all standard and customized design pergolas as sloping pergola, angled pergola, arched pergola, pergola slanted, and pergola over walk etc. In our manufactured cantilever metal pergola you will find highly durable, well designed, customize sized, all odds proof, long lasting features and in addition to that in very affordable price.

Commercial Pergola

We are a leading commercial pergola manufacturer and deliverer. To suit with the commercial unit structure and theme, we design pergola so that it can match and add elegance cum comfort to it. We work with a mission to deliver comfort and eye catching pergola.

Our clients choose us mainly because of our time based quality commitment to deliver commercial pergola to suit their need and budget. Be it any hotel, restaurant, pizza hut, or anything else, we are one stop solution to manufacture and set pergola there.  Our architects design pergola to suit with commercial units and add beauty to it which clients really expect and get from us.

Customized Wooden Pergola

No doubt, to enjoy front lawn or backyard,   a pergola is required and keeping this need in mind we manufacture pergola. To enjoy the long life and authentic look wooden pergola is a perfect option and keeping all its quality in mind we offer wooden pergola with customized design.

Whatever design and look of pergola our clients prefer, we design and deliver.  Wooden pergolas are available in high prices but keeping budget of clients in mind we deliver it with affordable price.

Garden Wooden Pergola

To enjoy the beauty of flowers and greenness of a garden, garden wooden pergolas are used. We are a leading manufacturer of garden wooden pergola. Among our clients we are fame up for delivery of proper customized, well designed long lasting garden wooden pergolas in very budget rates. 

Garden size may differ, client's specifications may vary but we are able to fulfill requirements of all kind of garden wooden pergolas.

Metal Glass Pergola

We are one of the most demanded manufacturers of metal glass pergola for commercial and residential purpose. Metal glass pergola are mainly demanded for its stylish look and finishing as well as long lasting factor, keeping these factors in mind we manufacture metal glass pergola. 

We have a team of experienced professionals who are able to read client's expectation and fulfill that by providing quality metal glass pergola.

Metal Pergola Structure

For highly durable and mirror like finish metal pergola structures are demanded. And we fulfill that demand very nicely and efficiently. We are open to customize the pergola to extent the client specify and look for. 

You can use metal pergola in your residence lawn area or at commercial outdoor units to enjoy with your family and friend while sitting under it. We never believe in earning by cutting our client's budget, his comfort and quality of our products so we provide affordable priced metal pergola in super quality.

Metal Pergola

We are a leading metal pergola manufacturer with perfect mirror shining finish and high durability factor. Whether you want pergola for enjoying your residence outdoor location or your office, hotel or anything else we are one stop option to deliver you perfect quality metal pergola.

We well know that client's need varies from one another so to cater every client's need we deliver 100% customized metal pergola.

Metal Steel Pergolas

We are one of the top manufacturers of metal steel pergolas. We have all varieties and design of metal steel pergolas as well as on specification of clients we are open to deliver fully customize metal steel pergola.

We have very affordable range of metal steel pergolas so that creamy budget as well as small budget clients both can choose their preferred pergolas.

Mild Steel Pergola

With corrosion free, odd weather proof features mild steel pergolas are widely demanded and to fulfill such demand very efficiently we deliver quality mild steel pergola. No matter which theme based mild steel pergola you are looking for, we are able to deliver it within said time frame.

Long lasting feature and perfection levels are high with Miri Piri Group so our clients get 100% value of money what they paid to us for mild steel pergola.

Miri Piri Pergola Manufacturer

We at Miri Piri believe in manufacturing and delivering pergola of optimum quality.  Miri Piri pergola manufacturer work with client centric attitude and deliver their expected customized pergolas in less time.

We have a team of well versed experienced professionals who know what to add and what to leave in designing pergolas to suit the client need. We are also highly sought for affordable pricing of pergolas without cutting the quality in any manner.

Pergolas Design

Backed with experienced professionals, we are a leading pergolas manufacturer where we do not only aim to deliver the pergola but dedicatedly work for pergolas design and quality so that in end our clients can satisfy with what we deliver to them.

Angle designed, fabricated, slope designed pergolas are widely common nowadays but when we come to client's preference it may differ from these and so to fulfill such requirement we have a team of experienced professionals.

Residential Pergolas

For enjoying lawn or backyard area of residence, we offer residential pergolas.  We have wide variety of standard designed residential pergolas as well as open to provide fully customize residential pergola.  Generally people think of setting pergolas at their lawn or back portion but avoid such when think about less place availability. We have option for those too, as we can deliver and set pergolas in less place too in way so that you can enjoy it at fullest in long run.

Stainless Steel Pergola

Stainless steel pergolas are generally used because of its high durability and metal like shining finish. Nowadays it is widely demanded in market and to fulfill such demand we manufacture stainless steel pergola. We don't believe on shouting about quality we deliver but we actually deliver high class stainless steel. For any sized space we provide stainless steel pergola and make it more enjoyable for our clients.  We are also not stringent about money matter so we offer very budget solutions for stainless steel pergola.

Stainless Steel Tensile Pergolas 

We are a leading manufacturer of pergola in industry and every day we are adding quality and values to our product. Our effort has placed high in client's preference list and stainless steel tensile pergola is our one of highlighted product which client specially asks for.Stainless steel tensile pergola is highly demanded because of its high tensile, high durability, long life running capacity features.  No doubt, it can be availed from market anytime but what quality we deliver, what customization we deliver, what design we deliver you cannot find anywhere else. All such is available at affordable price with us so without considering your budget you can get our high quality stainless steel tensile pergola.

Tensile Metal Pergola

Miri Piri is a well renowned name in pergola industry and if client is looking for tensile metal pergola, we are the perfect one stop solution.  Our experienced team of professional before starting their work firstly focuses on client's goal and requirement about pergola and after that proceed to deliver high quality tensile metal pergola.

We are ready every time with new energy and dedication to fulfill client's expectation at fullest by delivering high quality, well designed, customized tensile metal pergola in very affordable price.

Wooden Pergola Structure

Miri piri is a well experienced and leading manufacturer of wooden pergola structure. We provide high quality woods as raw material so that it our delivered wooden pergola can live long to give 100% result of money investments by client. 

Our affordable pricing has placed well in the market and in case of quality too we are not second than best.  We totally believe in client centric attitude and so we deliver best quality wooden pergola structure, with it we are able to win our client's heart.

Wooden Pergola Trellis

Wooden pergola trellis is one of the most demanded additional structures. However in market, there are only few manufacturers who deliver quality wooden pergola trellis and we; Miri Piri is one of that. We have always worked on basis of client's preference and specification and so we are preferred by our clients over other options. Quality wood is used for manufacturing wooden pergola trellis and experienced architects design it as per client's taste, the final outcome is perfect finished quality wooden pergola trellis.