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Shade Sails Structures

We are leading designer, manufacturer and installer of high quality architectural shade sails and tensile membrane fabric structures. We designs, makes and installs quality shade products including shade sails, fabric structures, shade structures, claw structures, waterproof membranes, cantilevered structures, barrel vault structures, tarpaulins and privacy screens. Miri Piri has a reputation built on market leading innovation with products that perform.
We use waterproof PVC, acrylic coated; Teflon coated and shade cloth fabrics. Shade structure and shade sail clients include schools, pre-schools, builders, clubs, government, resorts, motor vehicle industry and shopping centres - any commercial, industrial and domestic use.      


Swimming Pool Shade Sails
Miri Piri manufacture swimming pool shade sails which are graceful in look and gives the appearance of a huge sail balanced in air. They are highly durable and these are available in various colours to meet the needs of our esteemed customers.

Tensile Shade Sails Structures
Tensile shade sails structures are a perfect combination of architecture and engineering. Miri Piri combines fabric of high tensile strength and flexibility together to form stable bent surface of certain firmness. 

Shade Sails Tensile
Miri Piri Shade sails tensile enables maximum design flexibility. These are providedto the customers according to their needs and reasonable price. They are available in various shapes and colours.

Fabric Shades Shelter
Miri Piri fabric shades shelters are durable and provide shade from the sun. They are made of high quality and provided to the customer as per their requirement at reasonable rates.  

Patio Shade Shelter
Miri Piri Patio shade shelter is good option to protect against the soaring sun. These are made of high quality, durable and are available in various colours to meet the needs of our esteemed customers.


Fabric Shade Structures
Miri Piri provides perfect fabric shade structure to meet the shade solutions for many outdoor solutions. These are of high quality, durable and reasonable available to our customers.

Shade Sails
Shade sail is an outdoor shade based on the technology of a ship's sail. Shade sails vary in shape, size and color and there is trend towards installing multiple sails. We provide shade sails to our esteemed customer at reasonable rates.

Sail Shade
Sail shade can be quickly taken down in high wind conditions or during the winter season. Correct installation requires to be done and the professionals at Miri Piri are efficient in their work and can do it in a reasonable price.

Tensile Membrane Shade Sail Structures
Miri Piri offers tensile membrane shade sail structures made of high quality raw materials. They are well known for their tensile strength and durability to withstand extreme climatic conditions.